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[DVD Review] English Vinglish is a..

Posted on Dec 21st 2012| Rating

Sridevis comeback film is a warmhearted effort but falls a little short of details on the extra dvd

[2012 Recap] Best Hollywood Films That..

Posted on Dec 20th 2012| Rating

Heres a list of films that were made on a small budget but garnered big praise from hollywood

Video Tribute: Pandit Ravi Shankar

Posted on Dec 13th 2012| Rating

Pandit ravi shankar was a musician of many talents. nowhere more did his talent show than at jugalbandi with world artistes. presenting the artistes best..

[Movie Review] Hotel Transylvania is..

Posted on Dec 7th 2012| Rating

Sony animations latest film about a group of monsters at a luxury resort finds favour in this review

Decoding the Kasab Conundrum

Posted on Nov 22nd 2012| Rating

The notsogood things about ajmal kasabs hanging by the indian government

[First Look] Roland Emmerich's White..

Posted on Nov 21st 2012| Rating

Hollywood imagines what will happen if the president of the united states is attacked at home. bring it on we say.

Bal Thackeray - Guide, Goon and..

Posted on Nov 18th 2012| Rating

In the city of dreams bal thackeray fashioned himself as a fierce nationalist but his brand of politics told a different tale altogether.

[Album Review] Linkin Park's Living..

Posted on Nov 16th 2012| Rating

Living things is linkin parks fifth studio album. here is the review of the album along with a link to the song list.

The Tragedy Of Michael Jackson

Posted on Nov 15th 2012| Rating

A new book throws new light on king of pop michael jackson. here are the top things from the biography for you.

5 Things We Learnt From The Iron Man 3..

Posted on Nov 14th 2012| Rating

Heres why were mostly excited but also a little disappointed with the new iron man 3 trailer.

[Full Text] President Obama's..

Posted on Nov 8th 2012| Rating

Barack obama returns to the white house for a second term as president of the us. heres his victory speech for the same.

Movie Review: Skyfall Brings Bond Back..

Posted on Nov 2nd 2012| Rating

With skyfall director sam mendes mixes the old and new in more delightful ways than one

There's Something About James Bond

Posted on Nov 1st 2012| Rating

What makes a character lovable across three generations has always been a subject of mystery for me

5 Best French Films At Mumbai Film..

Posted on Oct 31st 2012| Rating

Guylife picks the best french movies that were screened at the mumbai film festival this year

[Movie Review] Cloud Atlas

Posted on Oct 30th 2012| Rating

Cloud atlas is cinematic extravaganza but is that enough to watch it?

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5 Reasons Why Men Love James Bond

It's not hard to reason this one but you migh...

Movie Review: Skyfall Brings Bond Back With A Bang
Movie Review: Skyfall Brings Bond Back With A Bang

With Skyfall, director Sam Mendes mixes the old an...

Bollywood Actors Who Could Never Pull Off James Bond
Bollywood Actors Who Could Never Pull Off James Bond

If Bollywood ever went down the 007 agent route, w...

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