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What is GuyLife?

It’s a site for guys. About life.


Jokes aside, we’d rather tell you about who we are. We’re a motley bunch of high school misfits brought together by a passionate music teacher and his love for acapella music. Oh, hang on, that’s Glee.


We’re equally as passionate, but about interesting, informative reading material. We love sports, gadgets, women, music, culture, fashion, news, and everything else that guys like. We’re also renaissance men in that we like a lot of stuff girls are into as well. We hope to be informative, provocative, engaging--and never dull. So the best way to see what we’re all about is to click around and see what we’ve come up with. As always, suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Happy reading!


Can I write for GuyLife?

Absolutely, especially if you're a skilled hobbyist or an expert in a particular field. Do get in touch using the "contact us" information


I don't like something I saw on here.

Then let us know!


I have a question about something.

Go ahead and ask it in the comments of a related story, or in an email to us. We do, however, reserve the right to use that question as well as our expert's response in a post. If you'd like your identifying information removed, include that request with the question please.


Why don't you allow anonymous comments?

Because we don't like trolls. And we've seen the sorts of comments that pictures and videos of attractive women, like we have on our site, inevitably draw, and feel that crude responses like that do nothing to elevate the quality of the community on our site. Using your Facebook or Twitter handle to comment, we feel, will make users more responsible on our site. Anonymity, in our experience, just fosters ignorance and ad hominem attacks. Hopefully the converse is true as well!




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