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- Detailed sound production - Powerful (and controllable) bass - Good blocking out of ambient noises





- Indecent pricing - Uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time

The Bottom Line:

The new Sennheiser IE80 is only a small upgrade from the IE8. It's slightly ludicrous pricing in comparison to its features and abilities have us thinking this is only for those audiophiles who have deep pockets and a penchant for in-ear plugs rather than the bulkier headsets that seem to trend more these days. If you belong to this niche category of people, then consider it recommended. If not, then it's vice-versa for you. Also, it's definitely targeting people who don't have any particularities or preferences about what their sound should sound like. Conclusively, It's a great set of neutral earphones for far too steep a price.

editor's rating :

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Rs. 24, 990/-

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Rs. n/a


Full Review:

A]. Design:

The design of these earphones is possibly the most disappointing thing about them. For the dizzying price, we'd have expected something a little less understated and with a better overall finish. The area around the earbuds is plastic and there's a metallic colour finish but we took issue with how the actual ear plugs sit. After prolonged periods of time, it seemed prone to slipping out (definitely a no-no for runners) but since this might be subjective according to people's ears, we simply suggest you spend a good amount of time with them before purchasing to avoid this. We did like that the fit was extremely comfortable and didn't put any pressure on the ear whatsoever, quite a feat for in-ear technology. 

Now here's an interesting design addition—the metallic part of the ear phones has two small screws which can be used for tweaking the sound between neutral and an increased bass. The cable is long enough for all utility purposes but it seems a bad bargain that the earphones don't have any volume control device on itself. All in all, the design is not spectacular but it is comfortable which gets a decent amount of points from us.

B]. Features:

This one has plenty of interesting features as stated below.

- A carry case that has storage for everything including the different sized tips that come with it but it's a bit bulky for portability purposes and definitely too big for earphones this tiny. 

- Then there's the above-mentioned dials that allow users to control the sound. Definitely a winning feature in our opinion and it worked well too. 

- And lastly, something we wish ALL earphones would feature, it has the ability to change cables in case something goes wrong without having to replace the entire earphones. 

C]. Performance:

If you're a bass head you definitely need to pick these up because the best part about them is the superior bass, its clarity and the ability to control it by means of a dial. And no, the bass doesn't 'boom' too much either. The overall sound detail is good too but just as they wow with their bass, the treble is a bit compromised so in our opinion, that finesse of balance was missing. 

It comes with a wide selection of tips and depending on which ones you use (should definitely experiment a bit) the ambient noise blocking is good as long as you're not used to way superior quality sound blocking. 

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